Downsizing My Home

                If you are planning to Sell your current home and “downsize” to something smaller, chances are you have not done a move in a while and you probably have some questions. Here are some of the questions I hear from my clients who are downsizing.
Should I Sell my home first before I Buy or do it the other way around?
What is my home worth?
Should I buy a smaller home or a condo apartment?
Should I rent instead of Buying again?
Where is a nice neighbourhood, with people similar to us in age etc?
Do I have to do anything to prepare my home before I list it For Sale?
What will we do with all our things – they won’t fit in a smaller home?
I have an idea of what I want in our next home, but what will it cost to Buy it?
What will it cost to move?
And other questions ….?
If you have questions like these and more, I have the answers. Please contact me so we can meet and discuss your plans further. No obligation, just information.
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