All About Mike

                Hi and thanks for visiting my website and showing interest in getting to know a little more about me. Read on or watch my Video:  Who is Michael Wilson  (video)
                I grew up in Toronto, the youngest of 6 in a home with only one bathroom. I think that is how I developed such a high level of patience and time management. 
                When I got married in the late 80’s, we wanted to buy a home, but couldn’t find what met our needs in the City of Toronto (at our price point) so we ventured out to Durham Region. Many years later I am still happily married, and the very proud father of two wonderful children. And although we have moved a few times over the years, we have remained in Durham Region and still do today.
                For some reason, even at a young age, I’ve always had a passion and interest in Real Estate. Starting with my first job inspecting newly built subdivision homes where I learned a lot about house construction. I later became a Real Estate Appraiser, where I developed the skills to accurately determine home values. Then for years I worked in the field of residential mortgage financing gaining a strong understanding of how mortgages work and how they play an important role in the buying and selling of a home.
                In 1998, I became a Licensed Realtor and took all my unique background skills from my previous Real Estate fields and put them together to develop a successful Real Estate sales career and that is where I remain today. Although I am Licensed to Sell homes anywhere in Ontario, my expertise and focus is on Durham Region (ie Pickering, Ajax, Whiby/Brooklin, Oshawa & Clarington) and East Toronto.
                Now, over the years I can tell you that I have sold many homes, won many awards, have many happy clients and many referrals from those clients, which I am very proud of, but, that really doesn’t tell you who I am or whether you would like to hire me to help you Buy or Sell your home.
                So, other than my training and background, here is why I think people hire me to help them with their housing needs. I am knowledgeable and confident, but I’m not slick or pushy. I ask lots of questions so I can understand what my client needs are and I listen. Either Buying, Selling or both, I have a plan to put in place to start the process, right through to a successful finish. I care about my clients. They put their trust in me and I take that responsibility very seriously. I enjoy people and real estate and love what I do to help real people manoeuvre through what can be both an exciting and stressful time in their lives.
                My clients say, I’m trustworthy, knowledgeable, very patient, detailed and straightforward in my communication with them. If this sounds like someone you want to help you with your Real Estate needs, then please give me a call. I’d love to chat.
“Make the Move with Mike”